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Leasing a Subaru from Montclair Car Leasing

We’re the car leasing agency that hash all of the new model Subaru’s, from the Subaru BRZ Coupe, Forester SUV, Impreza WRX Hatchback, Impreza WRX Sedan, Impreza Hatchback, Impreza Sedan, Legacy Sedan, Outback Wagon, Tribeca SUV, WRX Sedan, XV Crosstrek Hybrid, to the XV Crosstrek SUV . But we’re not limited to just the great cars from the Subaru people; we can offer you any new model car from just about any car manufacturer you can name, from A to Z – well, OK, from A to V, Acura to Volvo – and including just about any car maker in between, such as Lexus, Jaguar, Honda, Hyundai, Porsche, Maserati, and on and on.
We’re able to have such a huge variety of vehicles for you to choose from because we don’t have to worry about where to park them all. You see, we don’t have a physical car lot like most other companies do. Instead, our car lot is a virtual one, all online, ready for you to check out any time you want. Our having a virtual lot doesn’t just allow us to have such a comprehensive selection of cars; it also means huge savings and incredible convenience for you. Here’s how…

Huge Savings and Incredible Convenience

Property costs. Property taxes. Utility bills. Insurance. Payroll. All of those are costs that go with having a physical car lot. Since our car lot is virtual, we don’t have such costs, so our overhead is low. And because our overhead is low, our prices are low as well.
Having a virtual lot also means something else great for our customers. Instead of having to arrange a ride to get to some physical car lot, they can stay home, turn on their computers, and simply surf our site. No salesman will be following them around, trying out his high-pressure sales tactics on them, urging them – pressuring them – to sign up for a car as quickly as possible. Instead, they can relax and do their car shopping any time of the day or night, any day of the week, as slowly or as quickly as they like, with no pressure, no one rushing them along. Our customers can take their friends and family car shopping along with them by emailing to them the cars that capture their interest, getting their friends’ opinions as to which car is best suited for them. They can bookmark cars they’re interested in, and come back later to compare them more closely with other cars they’ve bookmarked. They own the experience from the beginning to the end.

Great Customer Service

If you have any questions while you’re checking out our comprehensive inventory online, we’re just a phone call away, ready with the answers and eager to help you in any way we can. You’ll have our help as well when it comes time to think about financing. We’re really good at making sure our customers get good deals with great terms, low interest rates, and monthly payments they can easily live with. We’ll even handle most of the paperwork ourselves so you don’t; have to think about it.
And, for the coup de grace, when it’s time for you to drive you new car, you don’t have to worry then, either, about arranging a ride to go pick it up. Instead, you just stay where you are and we’ll bring your car to you. We’ll bring it to your home, your office, or most anyplace else that’ll be convenient for you that day. How’s that for service?

Contact us!

If you have any questions for us, just call us up at 908-752-4499! It’d be nice to meet you, and we’d love the chance to show you how we beat any other car leasing service out there when it comes to saving you money, offering you unparalleled variety, giving you the most convenient leasing experience possible, and making sure you get great customer service!