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Leasing a Ford from Montclair Car Leasing

If you’re wanting to lease a Ford, forget about other car leasing agencies with their tiny inventory and high prices! When you lease a Ford from Montclair Car Leasing, you not only have access to an incredibly huge number of new model vehicles to choose from, you save lots of money as well!
Other car leasing services might have a few different models of cars from a given manufacturer, but we have them all. When it comes to Fords, we can lease you (take a deep breath!): a C-Max Energi Wagon, C-Max Hybrid Wagon, E-Series Van, E-Series Wagon Van, Edge SUV, Escape SUV, Expedition SUV, Explorer SUV, F-150 Regular Cab, F-150 SuperCab, F-150 SuperCrew, F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab, F-250 Super Duty Regular Cab, F-250 Super Duty SuperCab, F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab, F-350 Super Duty Regular Cab, F-350 Super Duty SuperCab, F-450 Super Duty Crew Cab, Fiesta Hatchback, Fiesta Sedan, Flex Wagon, Focus ST Hatchback, Focus Electric, Focus Hatchback, Focus Sedan, Fusion Energi Sedan, Fusion Hybrid Sedan, Fusion Sedan, GT Coupe, Mustang Convertible, Mustang Coupe, Shelby GT500 Convertible, Shelby GT500 Coupe, Taurus Sedan, Transit Connect Minivan, Transit Van, or a Transit Wagon Van. Every model Ford makes! And we can say that about pretty much any car manufacturer you can think of, including Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge – all the way through the car alphabet, ending with Volvo! You won’t find such a comprehensive inventory of cars anywhere else.

Big Savings and Incredible Convenience

Not only can we offer you any new model car from most any car maker you can think of, we can offer you those cars for so much less than our competitors. The main reason for this is that we don’t have a physical car lot. Our car lot is virtual, all on the internet, always the perfect size it needs to be in order to have the wide variety of cars we’ve got for you.
The reason this means big savings for you is that those small, variety-limiting car lots of the old school type cost money. Property costs, property taxes, utility costs, insurance, payroll for the salespeople who staff the place – it all adds up to large overhead, which all adds up to much higher costs for you. We have none of those sorts of financial worries, so our overhead is a lot lower. We save; you save!
A second great thing about our having a virtual lot is that you don’t have to drive to get to it. You won’t have to find a ride to get to some car lot somewhere – a lot that can only fit a relatively small number of cars on it, but which costs a lot of money anyway. You won’t have to walk around that lot with a salesman behind you, trying to get you to lease something as quickly as possible and otherwise being generally annoying. Instead, you stay at home, kick back, and do what most folks are doing for hours a day anyway: surf the net. You can go through our virtual car lot any day of the week, any time of the day or night, all at your own pace, walking away from it all and then coming back later for another go. Bookmark cars that interest you so you can take a closer look later on. Or email those cars to friends and family to get their thoughts about which car would suit you best – taking them “car shopping” with you without having to worry about matching their schedules up with yours. You – not some salesman — set the tone and pace of the entire car shopping experience.

Great Customer Service!

So, you’re touring our virtual lot and have some questions. Are you stuck? No! We’re a simple phone call away, ready with the answers and with any other help you need. We try to not be bothersome, but we do want to be there, always, when you need us!
Most folks need help when it comes to financing, and here we also excel. We’ll work hard to make sure you get a great deal with great terms, low interest rates, and monthly payments that won’t hurt too much.
Then comes the day you get to drive your new car. Well, check this out: you won’t even have to worry about how you’ll arrange to go pick it up, because we’ll bring your car to your home. Or your office. Or most anyplace else that’s convenient for you that day. We really can’t make it any more convenient for you!

Call us!

If you have any questions for us, just give us a call at 908-752-4499! Let us show you just how very, very different we are from other car leasing agencies – and how those differences mean a huge selection of cars, the lowest prices around, the most incredible convenience, and great customer service for you!